Our Internship Position - 2017

Alongside our current crew, in 2016 our farm will host a paid internship position from March through October (flexible).

This internship is open to prospective vegetable farmers to spend a growing season immersed in the farm's activities.  Working at our farm includes a wide variety of opportunities to learn about crop production, post-harvest handling, marketing, and keeping up with the seasons in general.  We take pride in our operation, and we believe that this commitment is reflected in our customers' experiences. 

Internship Position Prerequisites

Prepping tomato beds

Prepping tomato beds

This position requires that the applicant:

  • Has an intention to begin farming
  • Has interest in organic crop production
  • Is able to work on-farm or at farmers' markets at least 30 hours / week from March through October
  • Has good work ethic, is able to tolerate hot and cold weather, and can communicate with peers
Completing weeding of salad mix lettuces

Completing weeding of salad mix lettuces

Applying for the Internship Position

If you are interested in applying for the 2016 growing season internship position, please contact me via the Contact section on this website.

Internship FAQ

What are the primary duties for the 2017 internship?

This year, we are seeking an applicant to manage our packing shed and farmers' markets.  This is a great opportunity to learn about harvest, post-harvest, and marketing in the real world!

What about housing?

While we do not offer housing on-farm, there are several low-cost, comfortable options in the area.  We can help you along the way to find a living option that will work for the season.

What about pay?

One awesome part of our internship is that it is PAID!  We offer a rate above minimum wage while taking the time to train and teach.