CSA Program Overview

Beginning June 1st and concluding October 12th 2016 (20 weeks) we will be bringing our weekly harvest of fresh organic vegetables from our farm near Watseka, IL to various drop-off locations in the Chicagoland area (on-farm pick up is also available). 

Why CSA?

Did you know that the average bite of conventional food travels 1,500 miles to your plate?  I just read this recently, and it made me proud of our farm community because OUR food travels about 90 miles MAXIMUM in our box truck.  As we turn the corner into winter, I want to remind you that our returning member discount remains in place!  We value your membership and all of the positive things that a CSA provides (not just strawberries and Sun Gold tomatoes, but also the knowledge of exactly where your food comes from, support of the economic systems centered around CSAsflavorful organic produce at a cost less than brick and mortar stores, and support for our farm's ecological stewardship).  We only want to create healthy communities, and we sure have enjoyed being a part of yours.

We love packing your CSA boxes each week - we put a lot of care in assembling all of the colors and textures that our fields have to offer, and we feel that the boxes are exciting to open each week!  In 2016 we will be hosting a shareholder tour at our farm in June.  CSA members have the opportunity to meet other members and establish community with people who love fresh and local food (like we do).  Crystal and I will provide video demonstrations of ways we like to use the produce that the seasons have provided.  Take a look at our videos from 2012, 2013, and 2014 here!